2004 Annual Meeting


The annual meeting of the Eureka Heritage Society
was held on January 31, 2004 at the Eureka Womens Club.



New Officers for 2004 were elected. They were:

Mary Ann McCulloch - President
Melanie Kuhnel - Vice President
Kay Goddard - Secretary
Sid Noyes -  Treasurer

Three new board members were elected for three years terms.

Mary Glavich
Peter Santino
Janet Warren

Dr. Jack Irvine gave a wonderful presentation of historic Eureka hospitals and early medicine.

Photos from the event.

Brenda Dennis greets guests at the door

President Mary Ann McCulloch elected
for another term


Serving Refreshments

Dr. Irvine and Ray Hillman

Dr. Irvine gives presentation on hospitals

Annual Meetings of the Past can always be found in the