2006 Preservation Awards Event

Saturday, May 6, 2006.

Eureka Heritage Society Holds its 2006 Historic Preservation Awards

Penny Eskra
Penny Eskra

Diane Barmore, Judith L. Edson & Greg Rael, Penny Eskra, Doug Guillory & Dave Hickman, and the St. Bernard Catholic Parish were all honored by the Eureka Heritage Society during its 2006 Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony in the Eureka Woman’s Club, 1531 J Street, Saturday, May 6.

  • Diane Barmore will receive the Commercial Building Preservation Award for her restoration of Café Waterfront, 102 F Street. Built in 1892 and restored by her in 1993, Barmore has returned this ornamented Stick-Eastlake structure to its 19th Century grandeur while carefully maintaining the integrity of the original architecture.
  • The Adaptive Reuse Preservation Award will go to Judith L. Edson and Greg Rael for the A. Gregor House at 1026 Third Street. Built around 1880, it was divided into rentals and in disrepair when Rael purchased it. An example of Eureka’s early simple architectural style, Rael and Edson now have their law offices in this restored jewel.
  • Penny Eskra, a Humboldt native, will be named Preservationist of the Year. Recognized for her 31 years of design and preservation, she has been instrumental in historic restoration in our community. She is known for her in-depth research to discover the “truth” within the restoration project--historical accuracy for the place, the period and the social context.
  • Dave Hickman and Doug Guillory will be presented the Residential Building Preservation Award for their home at 214 W. Del Norte Street. Of simple form and representative of 19th century working class architecture, the style is Greek Revival with handsome proportions typical of first-generation structures.
  • The St Bernard Catholic Parish will receive the Community Building Preservation Award for the rectory at 615 H Street. Built around 1900 in classic Queen Anne style, the parish decided to restore this house to reflect its original appearance including both interior and exterior work. The exterior was painted this year as part of a parish-wide project.

  • “The Preservation Awards,” explains EHS Past-President Ron Kuhnel, “are an incentive to building owners to restore and maintain the buildings that are Eureka’s important heritage.”

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