2007 Preservation Awards Event

Saturday, May 5, 2007.

The Eureka Heritage Society Holds its 2007 Historic Preservation Awards

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Howard L. Hunt D.D.S., Renee Chappelle, The Humboldt Bay Coast Guard Station, Silas Morrison and Peter Santino were all honored by the Eureka Heritage Society during its 2007 Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony in the Eureka Woman’s Club, 1531 J Street, Saturday, May 5, 2007

  • Howard L. Hunt, D.D.S. received the Commercial Building Preservation Award for 707 I Street.
  • Renee Chappelle received the Residential Preservation Award for 916 A Street.
  • The Community Building Preservation Award goes to the Humboldt Bay Coast Guard Station.
  • Silas Morrison received the Adaptive Re-use Preservation Award for the former Eureka Fire Station at 1450 Myrtle Avenue
  • Your correspondent here at The Eureka Heritage Society's Web Site, Peter Santino, was named Preservationist of the Year. I am greatly honored by this award

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    “The Preservation Awards,” explains EHS Past-President Ron Kuhnel, “are an incentive to building owners to restore and maintain the buildings that are Eureka’s important heritage.”

    Preservation Awards Events of the Past can always be found in the